Su Materials Lab

Materials Sciences Division | Advanced Light Source

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 


New renewable energy and water treatment technologies require functional materials with tailored properties. We study molecular-level interactions and molecular assembly in soft and hybrid materials to develop new insights into the connections between chemical structure and performance. Ultimately, this will accelerate design of new fit-for-purpose materials, for example, polymer membranes for fuel cells or water filtration devices.

Our work is interdisciplinary and highly collaborative. We leverage the unique facilities at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL), including the Advanced Light Source and the Molecular Foundry, and collaborate closely with groups at LBNL, UC Berkeley, and externally that specialize in materials synthesis, theory, and transport. 


Recent News

04/15/2024 - Our work, Led by Jonathan and Sintu, using tender resonant x-ray scattering to reveal the mesoscale morphology in PFSA membranes is published in ACS Appl. Polym. Mater.

04/04/2024 - Our collaboration, led by the Prendergast group, is published in PCCP! This theoretical study helps reveal why the L-edge spectra in late transition metals exhibit absorption onsets at lower energy for higher oxidation states.

12/18/2023 - Welcome Supriya! Supriya is a postdoctoral scholar who will be working on polymer nanocomposites. She did her PhD at IIT Delhi studying self-assmbly of block copolymers using mean-field calculations. Supirya did experimental work on block copolymer micelles at the University of Minnesota.

10/02/2023 - Welcome Olivia! Olivia is an ALS Doctoral Fellow and pursuing her PhD at the University of Oxford. She will be studying the microstructure of small molecule-based organic solar cells.

08/21/2023 - Welcome Mostafa and Kelvin! Mostafa is a PhD student at UT Austin and part of M-WET. He is joining our group for several months through a DOE SCGSR fellowship and will be working on in situ studies of membrane fouling. Kelvin is a graduate student in UC Berkeley's Chemistry department and will be studying ionomer membranes.

06/20/2023 - Welcome Andrew Kwon! Andrew is a SULI intern working with us this summer on water purification membranes.

06/02/2023 - Recent work in collaboration with the Salmeron group and others shows graphene-suspension of thin films can minimize x-ray beam damage. 

05/23/2023 - Check out our paper, led by Matt Landsman, on Membrane fouling mechanisms elucidated via synchrotron techniques!

05/01/2023 - Congrats to the awardees of the 2022 solicitation 2 DOE SCGSR program! We are excited to host Mostafa Nassr from UT Austin this coming fall!

02/06/2023 - Welcome to new postdoc Jonathan! Jonathan will be working on ion-conducting membranes and nanocomposites and brings in unique skills in super-resolution microscopy!

12/22/2022 - Congratulations to Matt for being awarded a second year of the ALS Collaborative Postdoctoral Fellowship! 

12/14/2022 - We are thrilled to be awarded a DOE BES-RENEW grant with Navajo Technical University to enable opportunities for underrepresented groups and pursue exciting work in 3D printing!

12/01/2022 - Metal-like charge transport in PEDOT(OH) films via side chain removal out now in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.! Led by our collaborators at Georgia Tech.

06/21/2022 - Welcome new summer high school interns Sherry and Adarsh! They will be working on resonant x-ray scattering data analysis for ionomers.

06/08/2022 - Welcome new summer research interns Lucy and Flavie! Lucy is working on ion-conducting polymers, and Flavie is investigating the structure of mussel-inspired wet adhesives.

04/25/2022 - Congrats and welcome Matt Landsman! Matt defended his PhD at UT Austin and joins us as an ALS Collaborative Postdoctoral Fellow working on water treatment membranes in collaboration with M-WET!